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Why is the ulnar nerve called the funny bone. The funny bone is actually the ulnar nerve, a nerve that runs from the neck all the way to the hand, where it innervates several muscles in the hand and forearm and ends in two branches that innervate the pinkie and half of the ring finger.

Why is the ulnar nerve called the funny bone

Why is the ulnar nerve called the funny bone

You are hitting the ulnar nerve as it passes around the back of the elbow. Treatment of Ulnar Nerve Problems Most injuries to the funny bone quickly resolve. It's also one of the nerves that controls some movement of your hand. Doesn't have the same ring to it does it? Injury of the ulnar nerve at different levels causes specific motor and sensory deficits: Usually, this is a sharp jolt to the elbow that quickly resolves, but it can also cause more persistent symptoms in some people. We've all been there - you reach for something, bang your elbow and get that crazy painful sensation shooting up your arm.

Why is the ulnar nerve called the funny bone

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Ulnar Nerve Mobilization - When the Funny Bone Ain't Funny

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