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Said the joker to the thief too much confusion. A page for describing SelfDemonstrating: Joker. LISTEN UP, NERDS AND NERDETTES! This is my self-demonstrating page. As scintillating as it is, you don't want .

Said the joker to the thief too much confusion

Said the joker to the thief too much confusion

The group successfully leaves, albeit landing in front of Sojiro's store. Joker tearfully declines the offer, telling Batman that it is far too late for him, and begins to tell a joke that the situation reminds him of: It may be specifically invoked to prove that it's OK for our hero to work with villains who have standards when the need is great enough. The only inmate that he didn't release was Deathstroke, since a professional killer like him probably couldn't see the funny side to being a pawn in a game in order to take control of Gotham. Despite everything, Elly says that Krelian truly loved people more than anyone else. In an interview, Moore summarized the theme:

Said the joker to the thief too much confusion

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Lucifer Soundtrack S02E01 All Along The WatchTower (Feat. Tom Ellis) [ Lyrics Video ]

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