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Joker scene from the dark knight introduce a little anarchy. The Dark Knight is director Christopher Nolan's sequel to Batman Begins. Christian Bale returns as Batman, this time having to save Gotham from the grips of a.

Joker scene from the dark knight introduce a little anarchy

Joker scene from the dark knight introduce a little anarchy

Batman and Robin 2 September Big Top is a morbidly obese bearded man in a tutu. Batman finally confronted the Joker, which led to an intense fight between the two vigilantes with the Joker using a metal bar and a knife. Desperate, Gordon let Batman interrogate the Joker for information, but the Joker seemed unshaken by the pain. The Dark Knight "I believe whatever doesn't kill you simply makes you The M4A1s are seen mainly fitted with reflex sights, foregrips, and M Surefire tactical lights. Jerome's a character that a lot of people wanted to see come back. Shortly following the bank robbery, Salvatore Maroni mentioned the Joker's recent theft of mob-owned cash to his fellow crime leaders at a business meeting, who dismissed him as a threat and said that he was a "nobody" who wore "a cheap purple suit and make-up.

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The Dark Knight - "Madness is Like Gravity..."

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Joker scene from the dark knight introduce a little anarchy

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