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Funny cricket scenes. Funny cricket scene run out - missed couple of times When we have a bunch of funny people in the field.

Funny cricket scenes

Funny cricket scenes

Ramkissoon stays put and persuades the intruder to leave the field. Memoirs of a Fox-hunting Man by Siegfried Sassoon In his autobiographical novel, Sassoon uses an Edwardian village cricket game between Batley and Rotherden to evoke a rural English society that was buried in the mud and slaughter of the first world war. A nervous waiting batsman fumbles with straps and buckles as he hears the wickets crash. Romance is just around the corner, fielding at leg slip. Nobody gets killed during Muggleton v Dingley Dell, but the game is so tedious you could easily die of boredom. The fielders protest and then scatter when a man wanders onto the field brandishing a gun.

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Funny cricket scenes

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