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Funny jokes sms in urdu. Entertainment - Funny Jokes. Urdu Jokes - Funny SMS. Ek bacha ghar se maar kha kar gussay mai School ja raha tha Rastay mai ek uncle ne poocha: Beta phartay ho?

Funny jokes sms in urdu

Funny jokes sms in urdu

This is an easy and quick process. And this will make the heavy crowd, which includes Old people, Youngsters, and small kids. You can also add your personal touch to it by adding a message to it. To make the party very interesting, you can select any theme and ask all to come in that particular colour. And it also helps to see all the people in a common place. Mein uskaa naam kya rakhoon? If you are on wonderful place, then there are many something and surprising photos, pictures and scenes can be drawn very easily and comfortably.

Funny jokes sms in urdu

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