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Communism quotes funny. Dip your toes in these funny facts or have laughable swim among these fascinating pieces of info that are weird but true.

Communism quotes funny

Communism quotes funny

The political ideology was the brainchild of Hitler, whose rise to power and twisted thoughts created the infrastructure that mechanized its destructiveness. A disposable diaper can hold, on average, as much as seven pounds of liquid. Acting in this way, it calculates that these concessions are necessary in order to preserve its class rule. I lived in the Soviet Union part of a discriminated minority ethnicity rather than than ethnic Russian and for me it seems absurd that some would dare to even compare the West with totalytarian communism. Over the last three and a half millennia, only years have passed in which there has been no war. It is the difference between the destructive force of electricity in the lightning of a thunderstorm and the tamed electricity of the telegraph and the arc light, the difference between a conflagration and fire working in the service of man. Communism stands for a free society where all are equal and every one can participate in the decision making process.

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Is Bernie Sanders a Full Blown Communist??

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Communism quotes funny

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