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Two nuns in a bath joke explained. May 23,  · Two nuns in a bath. One of them says "where's the soap", the other one smiles and says "yes it does, doesn't it". what?! i Status: Resolved.

Two nuns in a bath joke explained

Two nuns in a bath joke explained

Maybe I need a dirtier mind. Yo mama Joke A nun in the convent walked into the bathroom where mother superior was taking a shower. She goes on and on and 10 minutes later the man interrupts: My Dad was out of town and wasn't there to help me, and for the life of me, I did not know how to tie a tie! We are innocent victims so to speak; we are forced to see the erotic and absurd image two naked nuns in our mind's eye; as a result, some may nervously laugh to cover their embarrassment; some will take delight in exposing the hypocrisy of the church's teachings of purity and celibacy; and some will revert back to their childhood when it was enough to hear the word, poo, to explode into a fit of giggles and smug smirks. Frantically I threw on a suit.

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2 Nuns Joke - ESL British English Pronunciation

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Two nuns in a bath joke explained

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