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Hairline jokes yahoo answers. Gall Bladder Meridian Pathway & Point Locations. Gall Bladder Meridian Pathway & Point Locations The Foot Lesser Yang (Shao Yang) of the Gall bladder 44 points.

Hairline jokes yahoo answers

Hairline jokes yahoo answers

GB12 Wangu In the depression posterior and inferior to the mastoid process. GB35 Yangjiao 7 cun above the tip of the lateral malleous on the posterior border of the fibula. GB21 Jianjing Midway between the spinous process of C7 GV14 and the acromion process at the highest point of the trapezius muscle. Somehow, several times a week, a good ol' hair-sudsing sesh was dropped from this list a while back and replaced with that miracle in a can, dry shampoo. Further descending along the anterior aspect of the fibula, it reaches the lower end of the fibula, and the anterior aspect of the lateral malleolus. GB20 Fengchi In the depression created between the origins of the Sternocleidomastoid and Trapezius muscles, at the junction of the occipital and nuchal regions. GB3 Shangguan Anterior to the ear, in the depression directly above ST7 on the upper border of the zygomatic arch.

Hairline jokes yahoo answers

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