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Joker brand pictures. When news broke last week that Warner Bros. is developing a movie detailing the origin story of Batman nemesis The Joker, many were surprised to see the name Martin.

Joker brand pictures

Joker brand pictures

This Joker movie, for instance, is being conceived as an 80s-set hard boiled crime thriller, in the vein of Taxi Driver. Day-Lewis, however, had never tackled a character with the psychopathy of the Joker. The duo has made five successful films together over two decades: As Batman began to hallucinate and saw his worst fears come to life, he scanned the poison and sent an analysis of it to Alfred in order to manufacture a cure and drop it off to him. Then there are roles like The Joker. Contents [ show ] Biography The self-styled Clown Prince of Crime had no superpowers, beyond a capacity for incredible violence and a skill at creating deadly mayhem.

Joker brand pictures

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