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Full house tanner family fun night. Biography Full House. D.J. Tanner was born on February 9, She is the older sister of Stephanie and Michelle Tanner. D.J. is sometimes called "Deej" by her.

Full house tanner family fun night

Full house tanner family fun night

In "Fraternity Reunion," at said reunion when a male waiter hits with Danny Disguised in Drag , Danny says in his falsetto voice "How rude! In the original airing, during the ending credits, the main cast members gave their final curtain call. Episode 3 - Wrong-Way Tanner 2 decades ago MIchelle is on a soccer team, but unfortunately scores for the other team, making her very upset. An example was " The Seven-Month Itch Part 1 ", where Stephanie was upset about the fog cancelling their Disneyland trip; she immediately brings up the time when she wanted the Oat Boats commercial gig in " Sisterly Love " , and says that she did not mope although the events shown suggest otherwise , though all Stephanie remembers was her being chased by D. In the former, she retires from the organization and passes the "Queen Bee" crown — or rather, antenna — onto Stephanie.

Full house tanner family fun night

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Full House- Michelle's wedding

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