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Download urdu jokes. best urdu ne bete se kaha jao kitchen se garam masala le ao bacha wapas aya or bola maa kotchen mein to sare thande masale hn garam masala to .

Download urdu jokes

Download urdu jokes

Flying Car Information In Urdu Flying car is a car which can run on the road as well as fly on the sky. It extraordinary gathering of urdu joke by itsmyviews team. There house was very clean and courtyard was full of green peppers, tomatoes, oblong, flattened leafy vegetables. This is amazing news in the world. A materialistic existence makes every person occupied and now individuals have to chance to sit as one and part great joke with one another. During his visit to Washington at his friend Mr. Abbasi he visited Indian couples home, Madhu is very beautiful with short height and her husband Parkash is very smart look like an Indian actor.

Download urdu jokes

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