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Andrew chan funeral live stream. Francis Chan recently spoke at a gathering of Facebook employees. He took the opportunity to disparage his old church as a bunch of spiritual deadbeats.

Andrew chan funeral live stream

Andrew chan funeral live stream

I was not there at the funeral: The comments under that post are also worth the read as well. There was lots of CCM for worship, and people showing up for church dressed like they just rolled out of bed. I find it extremely distasteful that Francis would choose to publicly disparage his former church in the presence of unbelievers, at an organization that has a reputation of hostility toward the Christian faith. A pastor can give his heart and soul to a body of believers who will in the end reject him. Zoe and Will got married at a Greek Orthodox Church in Nottingham earlier this month Strangers from all over the world logged-on to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and video-streaming site Periscope to follow the entire day Guests were invited to share their snaps using ZoeAndWill, which were shown on a big screen 'Your wedding day is the biggest day of your life,' she said.

Andrew chan funeral live stream

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Final Goodbye

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