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Funny pictures of punjab police. Great guys, fabulous places of Pakistani Punjab, these seem to be in fiction. By seeing these photos, I feel lot of happy. God bless you, never get it red, always.

Funny pictures of punjab police

Funny pictures of punjab police

Cleaning Day by a Milkman in a Village. In their interrogation, the police found out that Aditya Bhandari, who had reportedly been booked for a cricket coaching-related fraud in Amritsar in , was the alleged mastermind. The self-styled godman was held guilty of rape on August Busted on field mid-day accompanied an aspiring left-arm spinner to the tent at the High Court-end of the ground and met Harvinder, Satendra and Gupta, who revealed details about the camp. Back in Delhi, an official said there were no Metro rail diversions or restrictions. Deputy director, PRO, Haryana government says a computer, hard disks and cash have been recovered, adding that a forensic team has been called from Roorke.

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