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Funny genitalia. Ducks rape so much that their genitals are evolving in rape-specific ways, creating what real scientists are calling a "sexual arms race." Just The Facts.

Funny genitalia

Funny genitalia

But that's what it says here on this cue card. Though called the smaller lips they can often be of considerable size and may protrude outside the labia majora. The fact that SCP let this happen, and the fact that they get along so well is somewhere between this and heartwarming, the theories concerning why this happened is Nightmare Fuel however SCP being a young girl who also happens to be Hate Plague given human form. Vulvar cancer Many malignancies can develop in vulvar structures. Spanko against by informing him that is trying to rid the world of gummy worms. Now this is might seem counter-intuitive, after all don't pig-parts spiral, allowing their genitals to fit so well they get thirty-minute orgasms?

Funny genitalia

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Genital Jousting

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