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Funny atlanta falcons pictures. Brian Banks has signed with the Atlanta Falcons after the former Southern Cal recruit's football dream was derailed when he was convicted of rape and kidnapping.

Funny atlanta falcons pictures

Funny atlanta falcons pictures

Yet his then-lawyer encouraged the promising student to plead no contest to the kidnap and rape charges, warning Banks he could get 41 years to life in prison if convicted. Brian Banks seen overcome with emotion in May in a California court when his conviction was overturned He was on the way to the school office to talk about his college applications when he bumped into Gibson, a fellow student, and they went to a stairwell to make out, his attorney Justin Brooks said. After the exoneration, Banks added: She later accused him of kidnapping her, dragging her across the school and raping her in the stairwell. Investigators tested her but found no physical evidence of rape, Brooks said.

Funny atlanta falcons pictures

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Superbowl: WAGS of the Atlanta Falcons

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