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Redneck bumper stickers jokes. Funny Jokes - Fun Joke's has the best Funny jokes, blonde jokes and other funny pictures on the web, plus a funny adult and sex joke sex-tion.

Redneck bumper stickers jokes

Redneck bumper stickers jokes

I pretend to work. We are looking for all sorts of one-liners, quotes, sayings, proverbs, jokes and even puns, T-shirt one-liners and bumper stickers. This number is a good indication of how good or bad a one-liner is and will be used to create a competitive ranking between the one-liners, quotes, jokes and proverbs in our database. Enjoy your stay and don't forget to bookmark our site! Did I mention that kick in the groin you'll be receiving if you touch me? Stickers that support right wing politics, guns, patriotism, war, or hunting are all unacceptable. While this is very easy to do through email or face to face conversation, it is exceptionally difficult to do while driving a car.

Redneck bumper stickers jokes

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