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Heisenberg speeding joke. Heisenberg Humor. By Anna Rothschild on "Inside NOVA." And, post your own science joke on our Facebook page. Close. Professor Heisenberg was speeding down the.

Heisenberg speeding joke

Heisenberg speeding joke

The narrower and more specific his utterance the greater the likelihood of his being wrong. The total energy of a chicken is given by the equation: In Albert Einstein used Planck's Constant to write the theory of the Photoelectric Effect, that light behaves as a particle when it comes to energy transfer. This was followed with the master stroke penned by Erwin Schrodinger. However, reality teaches us that the severly pissed off cat cat WILL escape the box well before the 5 minutes are up, attack the experimenter and depart just in time for the severly lacerated experimenter to watch the hammer decend on the cyanide bottle one inch from his nose. You can never be sure how many beers you had last night. Whatever our results, they must be consistent with the fundamentals of physics, so energy, momentum, and charge must all be conserved.

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