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Stonehenge jokes. Piles of ancient rubbish could prove incredible temple that's 6, years older than Stonehenge was actually a house. By Martin Robinson Updated: EST,

Stonehenge jokes

Stonehenge jokes

So I wished for a million dollars and that's how I got rich. Aubrey Burl suggested the possibility that a small group of British warriors may have used Avebury as a fortified site to defend themselves from Anglo-Saxon attack. In this time, he made meticulous plans of the site, considering it to be a "British Temple", and believing it to having been fashioned by the druids , the Iron Age priests of north-western Europe, in the year BCE. Weaver, in his The Pagan Altar argued that both Avebury and Stonehenge were built by Phoenicians , an ancient seafaring people whom many Victorian Britons believed had first brought civilisation to the island. He wants to give peas a chance. Pollen is poorly preserved in the chalky soils found around Avebury, so the best evidence for the state of local environment at any time in the past comes from the study of the deposition of snail shells. The girl was horrified.

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