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Dropped casket at funeral. Check out the Funeral Home Arrangement Ronald Meadows Funeral Parlors, Hinton, WV.

Dropped casket at funeral

Dropped casket at funeral

The commanding general of the Joint Force Headquarters National Capital Region will act as a military escort for the president's family from the time of the official announcement of death until interment occurs. Hunter had the White House draped in black ribbon and ordered a curtained, upholstered black and white carriage to carry Harrison's casket. After funeral services were held at National City Christian Church on January 25, the Johnsons flew back to Texas where interment later that afternoon occurred at the Johnson ranch in Stonewall, Texas. A funeral service was held in the presence of members of Congress , the Cabinet , and dignitaries inside the Capitol rotunda. The number three aircraft in the final flight executes the maneuver of missing man low enough to be clearly seen by on-looking spectators below.

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