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Makia coney funeral.

Makia coney funeral

Makia coney funeral

The Jacksonville, Florida school where the three students attended and where Pridgen and Southern hatched their evil plan while sitting in a geometry class 'This wasn't a bad decision, this was an evil act,' Caliel said. Victim Makia Coney, who was 17 when she died The 'kill for kicks' plot shocked prosecutors as both boys involved had no criminal record or provocation to carry out the crime. Both boys, who came from respectable, middle class families and had unblemished records at school, pleaded guilty to second degree murder. Prosecutor Mark Caliel said the teens had planned the 'evil' murder and did not deserve any mercy from the court. They don't deserve the mercy of this court. After their arrest the teens said they had been planning to commit armed robberies and wanted to know what it would be like to have to shoot someone. Connor Pridgen, left, and Charles Southern, right, have both been jailed for 40 years after they confessed to shooting a classmate in the head so they could see what it was like to kill 'Trusting':

Makia coney funeral

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Guess Who? Infamous Killers As Kids

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