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Ken lays funeral. of Ken Lay's friends and family filled the Aspen Chapel yesterday for his memorial service. I wrote a detailed post on it over at com, which I'm sure Lay.

Ken lays funeral

Ken lays funeral

There are so many connections," said Craig McDonald, head of the nonprofit Texans for Public Justice, a political watchdog group. He was not disappointed. Sentencing was scheduled for September 11, and rescheduled for October 23, Lea Fastow, the wife of former Enron finance chief Andy Fastow, already served a one-year prison sentence for underreporting income from her husband's partnerships. Fake his own death. This is also why the theory that Lay was assassinated or killed himself cannot be true — if he were killed by a CIA Dick Cheney heart-attack machine or died by his own hand, his body would have been seen. Just a thought, but I think it is important for the public to know beyond doubt that Ken LAy is dead, otherwise it will look another rich guy got away with it and is laughing it up on some desrted island somewhere.

Ken lays funeral

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Karen Carpenter Died on February 8 1983. Her Funeral is at Pierce Brothers Valley Oak

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